Conference Topics

  • The World of Business for Female Entrepreneurs in 2020

    SpeechThe day kicks off with an opening address by organisers of this landmark event, ICCMS%40IWED the women's chapter of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Why Women Should Go Digital: A Personal Journey of Diyana Halik

    Plenary SessionDiyana Halik, Founder of Diyana HalikIn the world of startups and tech moguls, can ideas that disrupt markets be developed? Datin Diyana Halik will share how she developed Diyana Halik Tudung from an idea into fruition.

  • Maximising Revenues in the Digital Age

    Plenary SessionAmira Geneid, Founder of Zahara
    To survive in the digital economy, traditional businesses need to take the step forward. Listen in as our esteemed speaker share her experience in bringing her business online that has helped her maximise revenues.

  • Moving Your Business Online: The Future of E-Commerce for SMEs

    Discussion PanelWhat does the future of e-commerce look like for SMEs? Our panel of experienced female entrepreneurs will discuss how the future will be like and the strategies they have put in place to be digitally ready.

  • Marketing Your Business Online: Going Beyond Social Media to Reach Your Ideal Customers

    Discussion PanelWhen it comes to marketing your business online, it is more than just using social media. What are the tools that can help you reach your marketing and business goals faster through digital marketing? Our esteemed panel of speakers will discuss this topic.

  • Move Your Business Online — How to Setup an E-Commerce Store

    Breakout TrackMoving your business online sounds simple, but it comes with its own set of hurdles. Guidance is needed when you're starting out. In this track session, you'll learn from one of the best digital marketing platforms around.
    NOTE: Laptop Required.

  • Increase Revenue for Your Business with Digital Payments

    Breakout Track
    The total transaction value in Digital Payments in Singapore amounts to US$12,309 million in 2019. If you're not accepting digital payment, you're losing out. In this track, you'll learn about digital payments, setting up and implementing it in your business.

    NOTE: Smartphone Required.

  • Digital Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

    Breakout TrackDigital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. What would it take to make sense of digital marketing in your business? In this track, you'll learn from our esteemed trainer on the importance of digital marketing for your business in 2020.

  • Online Branding for Business

    Breakout TrackHow can you brand your business effectively online? Together with SMEC, this breakout track is meant for you who wants to create a strong presence online. Learn how you can easily get your business forward online through branding. 

  • Why Women Should Go Digital in 2020

    SpeechWith the whole day's knowledge gain, what are the next steps to take? Implementation is key to your business success and digitisation. Listen as our esteemed guest share their view on how you can make the most out of your business in 2020, through digitisation.